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About American Taekwondo & Fitness

What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a martial art developed over many years in Korea. The general translation of Taekwondo is the way of the foot and fist. The main feature of Taekwondo is that it is a highly skilled self-defense art using bare hands and feet to repel an opponent. Taekwondo incorporates kicks, punches, blocks, strikes and teaches patience, endurance, perseverance and respect. Taekwondo is similar to Karate however Taekwondo's emphasis on kicking gives practitioners a great aerobic workout and improves balance and coordination. In addition to being a martial art, Taekwondo's Free-Sparring is an Olympic Sport. Taekwondo is more than an art of action. It has spiritual significance, formulates one's character and creates a physical and mental awareness of one's own existence. The only way to truly understand Taekwondo is to experience its training, philosophy, history and direction.

What is Taekwondo Jidokwan?

Jidokwan LogoTaekwondo Jidokwan is one of the original five (some say eight) kwans of Taekwondo. The general translation of Jidokwan is Way of Knowledge. Jidokwan actions are unrestrained to allow more fluid movements unlike most other styles that emphasize ancient, rigid "robot actions". Taekwondo Jidokwan still exists as a fraternal organization supporting Kukkiwon Taekwondo. The symbol represents the Otogi, an object that when knocked over keeps coming back up. Practitioners of Jidokwan are encouraged to live the philosophy upon which the art is built - which is to spread through the continents of the world The Spirit of Jidokwan. The Spirit of Jidokwan means getting up eight times when you have fallen seven times. It means to always stand upright in all tribulations, and never give in to failure. Each petal of the flower represents the...

Memberships and Affiliations

  • Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters)
    • Instructors at American Taekwondo & Fitness are certified through the Kukkiwon.
  • World Taekwondo Federation
    • Olympic Style Free Sparring is practiced at American Taekwondo & Fitness.
  • USA-Taekwondo
    • American Taekwondo & Fitness is a registered club through USAT. Athletes and referees at our school are also registered through this organization.
  • Wisconsin Taekwondo Association
    • American Taekwondo & Fitness is a member school through the state association.
  • United Hapkido Federation
    • The standards and curriculum are practiced in our Hapkido classes and are incorporated in the self-defense portion of performance testing.

The Benefits of Martial Arts

  • Learn self-defense
  • Get a great cardiovascular workout
  • Improve coordination, flexibility & agility
  • Develop confidence & discipline
  • Stress relief
  • Weight control

Monthly Rates

  • Student/Children: $50.00
  • Adults: $60.00

*Additional discounts are offered for family members
*American TKD & Fitness does not require contracts



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